Tubes & Traps is the first game from the Lost Badger team. We wanted to make a casual game with simple rules and challenging gameplay. The idea is to keep your ball on the screen while collecting as many stars as you can. The game gets faster and more challenging the longer you play. We hope you have fun playing it and would love to hear your feedback.


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Where can I find Tubes & Traps
Tubes & Traps currently iOS only and can be found on the App Store
How do I play Tubes & Traps
It is super easy. Keep the ball on the screen while collecting as many stars as you can. As you play it will get faster and harder. Gold stars are 25 points and white stars are 5 points. Have Fun!
How can I share feedback or report a bug?
We would love to hear your feedback and any bugs that you may find. Please use the contact form below to get in touch.
I made a purchase in your game by accident, can I get a refund?
Sure,  visit the Report a Problem page on Apple’s website, and sign in with your Apple ID. Once signed in, click “Apps” and then “Report a Problem” next to the purchase you would like a refund for.


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